The Vainest Post Ever: 100 Facts About Me

A week ago, Twitter had a trending topic called #100factsaboutme. I worked on it slowly for a week. It’s really so hard to come up with things about you at times and it makes you feel like nothing but a speck of dust in the universe. Nevertheless, it’s a miracle that I finished mine. It may be the vainest article that I could ever post on-line but I think that it’s also a good practice for everyone to do. In a way, this is another channel for self-discovery and self-appreciation. I promise though, that the succeeding articles won’t be as vain as this. Anyway, here goes nothing… 🙂

  1. My teacher once gave us homework when I was in second year high school. The question was, “Who are you in your past life?” This question is incorporated with our topic on Indian Literature on reincarnation. I answered:  I was an Empress of China. I wore the best clothes, had servant and was revered by the whole country. Yet I cannot stand my husband having many concubines. I also do not feel any love with my husband. I want to be loved truly, wholly and undividedly by the person I love. But still, I did my duty as empress the best that I could. I stood by my emperor in all circumstances. Hence, when I was reborn again, God turned me into a regular girl to find love myself. I got a perfect score in that assignment! Beat that! 😀
  2. I am the eldest child of my parents. I was born 8th of May, 1988. I actually chose that date. I was supposed to be out on the 5th day but for some reason, I did not come out. My mother is happy though because I was born on a Mother’s Day.
  3. My name is Maris Angelica. My parents want me to be named after Mama Mary, but they do not want to give me the “regular” form of her name like Mary or Maria or Marie. They got Maris from the doctor next door my mom’s obstetrician. Her name was Maris Stella. Angelica was after my father, “Angelo”.
  4. Maris Angelica literally means Sea Messenger. Ummm…so does it mean that I am destined to be an environmentalist or something?
  5. Despite my name, I never swam on the sea yet. I just “passed by it”.
  6. Coincidentally, I am now trying to follow my father’s path. He’s a lawyer and I’m now a law student.
  7. I am a Christian by faith. I am forever a follower of Christ. Being a Christian is my decision and not merely my description.
  8. I have terrible eyesight. My eye grade is now 900-850. As soon as I take the bar, my parents promised that I would undergo lasik surgery. Also, it’s naturally brown.
  9. My parents are strict and overprotective. They bought me all the toys I like when I was a kid and I’m still keeping them. Hence, about one third of the junk in my rooms are toys.
  10. My favorite colors are red, white and pink. But actually, any pastel color makes me happy.
  11. However, most of my clothes are colored black because of the corporate nature of my law studies. I could wear white but I could not. I don’t like it being a dirty after my long travel every school day from North Fairview to Manila.
  12. I was born in Capitol Medical Center then I lived in Cubao. But shortly after my 4th birthday, we moved here in Fairview.
  13. Fairview is such a suburban place that my alarm clock every morning would be rooster crows.
  14. Since I was born on a Sunday, St. Michael the archangel is my guardian angel. Also, I later found out that May 8 was really his feast day.
  15. I’m suffering from Japanophilia since I was about six years old. Well, it is not exactly a disease but I love all things Japanese! Don’t worry though…the Philippines is still my favorite country. But I believe that we have a lot of things to learn from the Japanese in order to succeed.
  16. My Japanophilia started when my father had a business trip on Japan. I was amazed a his story on how clean the country is, how beautiful the flowers are blooming despite the fact that it was autumn going to winter when he went there, how disciplined and high technology the people are there and they have their own Disneyland. It was the first time in my life that I ever felt envious. I want to see it all for myself.
  17. I admire the Germans and the Italians too. Go, Axis Powers! 😀
  18. But I also admire the Jews. Look how many great people descended from the Jews despite the fact that they aren’t many in numbers and they suffered so much during the World War II.
  19. I like the smell of apple, cinnamon, cherry blossom, rose, chocolate, green tea, vanilla and newly-sharpened pencils.
  20. My first crushes were anime characters. I am such a crazy child, I know. I actually had my first crush on a boy when I was in second year high school.
  21. I remember things as early as two years old. I could remember clearly what I was doing during the Great Luzon Earthquake of 1990. I was dancing at that time. I thought the world was dancing with me. However, people in our house, pulled me under the dining table while they were frantically praying the rosary. But still, under the table, I continued dancing.
  22. But, honestly, I am the worst dancer ever. I cannot follow the simplest steps in dancing. A little kid could easily insult my dancing skills.
  23. I am not a good singer too. But, Lord…how I love to sing.
  24. I studied in five different schools in my lifetime. Nursery and Kinder was in Holy Child Montessori. Prep was in Flos Carmeli Institution. First Grade to Fourth Year High School was in School of Saint Anthony. College and a year and a half in law school were in University of Santo Tomas. And now, it is my first semester of law school in University of the East.
  25. I watch Korean dramas and movies, too. But I have not watched for quite sometime now because the plot is becoming too repetitive for me.
  26. But oh…Korea is the gold mine of hunks for me! Taiwan is a close second. I like guys with small eyes especially if they always seems like smiling—it makes my heart melt.
  27. I barely watch Taiwanese dramas though because their original plot has always got to do with amnesia. Those without the amnesia are usually based on Japanese manga.
  28. Anyway, going back to Korea, I am so in like with Lee Min-Ho and I am so in love with Hyun Bin. In fact, his birthday, September 25, is my “personal holiday”. Yeah, I celebrate it.
  29. I am complex yet very childlike.
  30. I have a younger sister. She’s 19 and she studies in UP-Diliman, majoring Chemistry. Ewww, I know. But she’s my best friend so I support her.
  31. I also have a younger brother. He’s still in high school. He wants to be a Civil Engineer in college. Most probably, he’ll be a Thomasian, too. But we’ll see about that.
  32. I love amusement parks! Space Shuttle of Enchanted Kingdom? Piece of cake.
  33. I am right-handed. I have tried teaching my left hand write endlessly but I am so unsuccessful. But, at the very least…my left hand could type alone like what I am doing now.
  34. I am a Filipina of Chinese descent. I also have Spanish and English blood but they are very minimal. But I am raised 100% Pinay.
  35. I am sort of a loner. I live in my own world. I understand that because I know I am really weird for a lot of people with my views and likes but really, I do not care.
  36. I like to draw. I was also painting when I was in high school. I really want to do that all again.
  37. Things that I would like to do in my lifetime: become a family lawyer, a diplomat, a book publisher, and the president of the Republic of the Philippines.
  38. Actually, I already planned on my presidential bid on 2028. The Election Day 2028 is exactly my 40th birthday. So please, do vote for me. I am serious.
  39. Don’t take everything that I say seriously. I am crazy!
  40. I don’t smoke. I could drink socially though.
  41. But I am addicted to C2 Apple and to the Internet. A day without even one of them drives me nuts.
  42. I do not like eating anything with squid, eggplant and okra in it. The tastes are sickening.
  43. I only learned about sex when I was 12 years old. Before, I thought that if you got married, the priest would give you a secret key that would help the woman conceive. I’m such a naïve child. Needless to say, I only learned about broken family, children born out of the wedlock and common-law relationships when I was in mid-high school.
  44. I have soft spot for children. That’s why I want to be a family lawyer. I do NOT want their parents to separate and I want homeless children be adopted by their own loving families.
  45. I got hospitalized twice. First was when I was six years old to correct my “banlag” eyes. The second one was when I had dengue when I was fourth year college. I missed our class picture!
  46. I like boys with small eyes. I like how they always seems to be smiling when they got embarrassed of just plain happy. I find it unbearably cute!
  47. I adore dimples, fair skin and broad shoulders on men as well. If you fit those description perfectly, sorry but I can’t help but to ogle at you.
  48. The sexiest part for me of a person is his smile and his intelligence.
  49. My province is Pampanga. I like it in there. I always feel like home even if I do not speak Kapampangan. I understand it though.
  50. When I was a child, I thought I was special because the moon is following me. When my playmates said that they were being followed by the moon too, I did not believe them.
  51. I also thought that I have powers before because when I whistled, a soft breeze would suddenly happen.
  52. I don’t know how I choose Economics for college. But I’m proud to say that an Economist.
  53. Instant joys for me: spaghetti with thick tomato sauce, banana-chocolate shake, sushi, creampuffs and strawberry shortcakes.
  54. I’m a tea and coffee addict. I dislike drinking them cold though. My tongue and lips are so sensitive that they easily become scalded. I love my drinks ice cold.
  55. My Chinese sign is Dragon. My zodiac sign is Taurus. Both signs always emphasizes that I am a very stubborn person. How right they are!
  56. I always ask for the intercession of Mother Mary. I always at peace thinking and talking to her.
  57. I’m good at saving but I hate the fact that I’m a very impulsive buyer. Hence, I often leave home with very little cash.
  58. I was born with big eyes, black hair and dark skin. But eventually, my eyes became smaller, my hair turned chestnut brown and my skin became fairer. I have no idea why.
  59. My hair is naturally wavy, but I sometimes have it straightened because of my belief that wavy hair breaks easily compared to straight hair.
  60. I’m not a picky eater but I really have difficulty in liking squid especially takoyaki and adobong pusit. I eat calamares and squid balls but that’s very seldom.
  61. My teeth were all permanent at age 11. I wore brace shortly before I entered fourth year high school. I got them removed at second year high school. Recently, I felt my wisdom teeth are growing.
  62. My best birthday gift ever was my 17th birthday held in Disneyland in Los Angeles, California. Seriously, at that moment, I won’t be surprised if someone would wake me up from my sleep. It was too happy and magical to be true.
  63. I am a big girl but my shoe size is only 7! I easily trip because of this defect.
  64. …and also because, I am the type of person whose head is on the clouds.
  65. …Hence, in Disney princesses, I identify myself clearly with Belle. But my favorite girls are Mulan and Rapunzel.
  66. Vital statistics? Hahaha! I have no idea what’s mine. Ignorance is bliss. I do know that my cup size is B. That’s all I’m sharing to you!
  67. I could easily laugh, cry or flare up. But I easily cool down as well. Happy now, crying later, and then cursing afterwards. I told you, I’m crazy.
  68. I love listening to the piano. My favorite pieces are Rhapsody in Blue and Canon in D.
  69. I first saw myself in television when I joined the Digital LG Quiz. I lost though I had kept the blue cap.
  70. When my mother had a job offer in the United States and my father allowed her, I immediately cried almost non-stop for two days. I cried everywhere and at any time…from the moment I wake up, while eating with my family, while having a shower.  Eventually, I influenced my sister and brother. Hence, because of that cry campaign, my father revoked his consent. My mother refused to talk to us for days but after three days, she bought ice cream and we’re okay.
  71. I find silk sexy…and laces too. And animal prints also. But I do not find anything sexy with leather and whips.
  72. My parents taught me how to hear the mass seriously. I never missed a Sunday Mass, though some of them are anticipated, in my life except the first Sunday of my life—the day of my birth.
  73. I love all kinds of flowers, but I love Casablancas and roses the best.
  74. But I identify myself as a daisy—energetic and spunky. Also, a bit informal too, compared to Casablancas and roses.
  75. I’m unusually good in remembering dates. I could remember birthdays even without facebook reminder. In college, too, I had the best grades in World History and Asian History.
  76. I love nail polish, but I can’t apply them myself. I tried all colors except black and green. I don’t know…I just felt that I do not express my true feelings with those colors.
  77. I could speak and write Filipino and English very well. I understand Kapampangan, but I do not speak it. I understand little Spanish and Japanese. We have Spanish subjects in college and I learned Japanese by watching their subbed dramas and anime.
  78. Like my Chinese ancestors, I believe that the greatest things in life are predestined but it won’t happen unless you work hard for it. In short, I believe in both faith and fate.
  79. I usually plan what I’m going to do for the week ahead, but I barely follow schedules. I am so spontaneous which brings out the best and worst in me.
  80. I am bad in remembering class room numbers though. I need at least two weeks to perfect the place where I am supposed to be.
  81. In case that it’s not obvious yet, I am a geek and I’m proud of it.
  82. My family usually likes eating in Chinese restaurants. My personal favorite is Hap Chan and Flavors of China.
  83. I tried my best to excel at using chopsticks, but no matter what I do, nothing beats spoon and fork.
  84. I can’t lie. I tried, but I end up saying the truth.
  85. When I meet a person who asks for my name and I think I cannot trust that person, I instantaneously say that my name is “Abby.” That’s the first name that you would see in a baby book for girls.
  86. Speaking of baby names, I love reading them when I have free time. So you might find me weird when saying, “Eh your name is _______, which in Latin/Greek/Hebrew/etc. means _______. That probably means you are a _______ person.”
  87. I used to read palms when I was high school. I saw a book in the library that tells me how to do so. That made some girls that I hardly knew come to me during breaks to have their palms read. Some boys did come to me too. However, I decided not to practice it in college days. Now, I can’t even remember how to read my palm as well.
  88. I hate last minute changes. This drives me temporarily nuts.
  89. I prefer cats over dogs. I want a Manx or a Birman or a Tabby someday.
  90. I own a Wii named Aka-chan, laptop named Freya, cellphone named Momo-chan and and iPod which is named iTouch.
  91. My favorite novel is Stargirl. I’m really as eccentric as Stargirl Caraway in the story. But I don’t like its sequel Love, Stargirl so much. I really like Leo too. I feel that she is out of character in that novel.
  92. I obtained my driver’s license when I was eighteen. However, since my father feared that I might break his car, he did not let me drive it hence, I forgot how to drive a car now.
  93. I would be twenty-three in a month and I think that I am ready for a relationship. However, I really cannot find someone who I like and vice versa. I give up looking for this already so in this aspect of my life, I fully trust this to the Lord.
  94. Science was my best subject from preschool to fourth grade. I started hating Science when there was already Mathematics involved. Math was a subject that I struggled on since I was a kid. But when I was in college, I am more or less average in that subject.
  95. I hardly studied in high school but I was a web developer, a blogger and a fan fiction writer. Now that I think about it, it’s no wonder that I brought the lowest of grades to my parents compared to my brother and sister.
  96. I am corny but that is just me. I laugh at everything too, including my mistakes.
  97. According to psychology tests that I have taken since first grade to fourth year high school, I am an introvert. According to UST when I was third year college, I am an extrovert. Now, I do not know. Probably I’m back in being an introvert?
  98. In anime series, nothing beats Detective Conan though I was also obsessed with Ghost Fighter and Fushigi Yuugi before. I still watch Detective Conan up to now. I love detective series but I refuse to watch those like CSI because of my fear of blood. Yes, I’m hematophobic.
  99. I dislike shoes or slippers. At home, I usually walk barefoot. I feel freer walking in barefoot.
  100. Given a chance, I would like to be a TV host or an actress. I love knowing and influencing people and I think that is my purpose in life. But in the meantime, I am doing it in writing. 🙂

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