My Twitter Love Affair Times Ten-Thousand

Today, I reaffirmed my geekiness to the world by registering my 10,000th tweet.

Yes, you read it right, 10,000th. Ten-thousandth.

I do not know whether to be proud or embarrassed about it. I’m proud to have finally reached that high number in a way because it’s really rare for anyone to have a tweet as numerous as that not unless you’re a media news feed or a bot. But I’m embarrassed in a way that people might think that either I share information about me so much blab about myself that I lose that much essential mystery in me or I retweet too much information or quotes that are pretty much useless. Either way, I am nothing but your everyday flooder on their walls.

Now, I made some calculations on how exactly did I reach 10,000 tweets. First, my twitter is not really new. I created it one boring Monday morning. My twitter’s birthday is July, 27, 2009, therefore it is almost two years old. Second, there are 645 days between July 27, 2009 and today, May 3, 2011. Hence, 10,000 tweets divided by 645 days would give 15.5 tweets per day on the average. This brings me to my third point, Is 15.5 tweets too much?

I started slow on twitter. I tweet just about ten tweets a week. I really do not have many friends on twitter and I’m not really into Hollywood stars who are famous on twitter. It wasn’t famous at the time I made my account in the Philippines. Everyone knows but one social networking site—Facebook. I admit that I am also addicted to Facebook. Everything is there—commenting to posts, chatting with friends and playing games. Probably, there was a time wherein I thought that that the world only needed two websites to survive—Facebook and Wikipedia. But time comes along when you are now exhausted with a thing. I sometimes can’t breathe with Facebook. I wanted to express something but I couldn’t, fearing what my relatives or other people would comment or think. I also got tired with people asking me to like photos for contests on various fan pages. I got tired of playing games which takes forever to load. I got tired that whenever I post any love quote as status message, people takes it seriously. Yes, in short, I just got tired.

That’s when I became took seriously my twitter account. I am amazed how information was passed through one person to the rest of the world in a wink of my eyes. You could feel on real-time how is Manny Pacquiao doing just by reading tweets by people who are lucky enough to actually be there and watch him live. You wouldn’t believe how much you have learned in current events, life and love by reading ideas that are all under 140 characters or less. You are happy that by the way of retweeting, you are able to help the international community by passing on information to your followers and passing it to their own followers. You are able to sympathize and emphasized to anyone in the world by celebrating with them on their joy and comforting them on times of chaos or natural calamity.

Twitter had transformed us into international citizens.

But, I must admit that initially I struggled in twitter. A chatterbox like me would indeed have difficulty on expressing ourselves in 140 characters or less. That’s when I shortened my initial twitter username: ‘empressmaica’ to simply ‘maica_’ so I can say more things when I reply on a significant tweet to me. I also sounded more aggressive or cruel at times because words which ‘soften’ what I want to say is deleted if I express things which are beyond 140-characters. For example, there’s a line which says, “I kind of hate what she is wearing because it seems like she is not suited for it,” would become, “I hate what she is wearing. She is not suited for it.” It made me, and some other tweeps, more straightforward. That may be a bad thing, especially if you’re a Filipino. Filipinos are not culture-wise ready for criticism and find straightforwardness vulgar…or at least at the moment. No wonder how much twitter wars had occurred in our local show business because of that.

Another thing which boosted the number of my tweeps is my interaction with my friends who are also fond of twitter. Gone are the days wherein I have ka-text. I have now people who are my ka-tweet. Recently, I have around 10 to as much as about 70 mentions a day. Really. However, before, I only get 10 mentions a month and some are even from bot accounts.

I really am sorry to be a flooder at times at twitter especially when I get so hyped over events or with my feelings. But that is just the way I am—easily passionate and enflamed with what I feel at the moment. But as always Twitter gives you a choice whether to follow someone or not. You know exactly what to do. Nevertheless, you could always be sure of one thing. Twitter is one of the reflections of my soul. My complexities, my wishes, my feelings and my opinions are stored in one box untidily.

My soul, on the other hand, grows, learns and yearns everyday.  And that means, ceteris paribus, more tweets from me would go on your way, my dear, poor follower.

With all things have said, would you still want to come and follow me? I certainly hope so. 😀

Cheers to the next 10,000 tweets and beyond. 🙂

Twitter is Always on My Reach.
Twitter is Always on My Reach.

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