All is well, Harry.

All is well.

I happen to be a Potterhead since I was eleven, I think. Coincidentally, this is the age of Harry Potter when all the magic began in Hogwarts. My aunt was a dean in Angeles University and someone gave her a copy of the Chamber of Secrets. She did not read it as its position in her clear cabinet filled with books never changed even after several times we arrive home in the province. I tried reading it once, I found it cool but I was confused. Obviously, something came before it so I placed it back. However, some months after, I saw it with a different book—the Sorcerer’s Stone. I got curious with it and read it until I can’t let go with it. I asked my aunt if I could borrow it together with the first book and she says yes. She always encourages us to read as much as we can.

I finished both quickly and checked if there were more books published at that time. She bought me the Prisoner of Azkaban, too. Now, the fourth one, the Goblet of Fire, was really hard to find then. We searched every National Bookstore we could find until we found one but it was very foreign in my eyes as it was published by British company, Bloomsbury, unlike the rest of my Harry Potter books which were published by the American company, Scholastic.

The last three books were already book-bounded as we “reserved” our copies from National Bookstore in SM Fairview. Our family hardly watches movies on the big screen but we watched ALL Harry Potter movies in the big screen. But now, as I saw the credits roll on the last movie, I suddenly felt depression. What is next for a Potterhead like me?

Of course, I am happy on how things turned out on the end. Madame Rowling indeed kept the excitement, the logic, the plot and the magic very strong at the very end. And as I hoped, the last film brought justice with ending the Harry Potter saga. I cried a lot seeing on the big screen how Severus Snape sacrificed himself for the love of his life, Lily Potter (nee Evans) and her only son, Harry. Seeing how many people died on the first battle of Hogwarts also helped in washing away all my makeup in thee cinema. I certainly love how some of my loved character had their moment on screen besides my favorite character, Snape, who was portrayed powerfully but Alan Rickman. I mean, who would forget how Professor Minerva McGonagall yelled, “COWARD” to Snape after the latter flees Hogwarts when he was defeated by her in a duel. Of course, we all felt the spirit of success when Molly Weasley shouted to Bellatrix, “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” and finishing of in a duel. Bella’s death gave me a sense of sweet revenge after remembering how she mercilessly killed her own cousin (Sirius Black), niece (Nymphadora Tonks), Dobby among others. I was also so proud of Neville Longbottom for being the first one to fight back Voldemort after the “death” of Harry Potter and slicing the head of the freaking snake, Nagini, in one stroke of the Sword of Godric Gryffindor.

Oh, memories…happy memories are engulfing and overpowering me tonight. Memories of my childhood made magical by Harry Potter. Though definitely, I’ll remain as a Potterhead forever, it is still kind of saddening that it all ends with me watching the final movie. I would miss the anticipation, the fan theories on what would come next and the excitement it brings with every page of every scene on the movie. I love how much it taught me on love, friendship, courage, family and loyalty. I love the fact that it brought out the “witch” in me, giving me confidence that even if I was as ordinary as Harry Potter in the beginning, I could make something extraordinary with making my life magical by sharing this life with the people I love but at the same time, defending myself from being succumbed by the people who are seemingly Death Eaters in the real world.

I probably lack sense now either because I’m sleepy or I’m still overwhelmed with the last film (which I really intend to watch again in the movies—the first time ever that I want to watch again a film that I saw on the big screen). But for now, I feel like saying goodbye to an old friend, Harry Potter. Though I am sad that I might not see him again, I fear not. He’s already engraved forever in my heart.

Bravo, Harry Potter! Rowling is our Queen!

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