SONA Aftermath: Wangwang-ed

Tapusin na po natin ang kultura ng negatibismo; iangat natin ang kapwa-Pilipino sa bawat pagkakataon. Bakit po ang iba, ang hilig maghanap ng kung anu-anong pangit sa ating bayan? At napakahirap—parang kasalanan—na magsabi ng maganda? Naalala pa po ba natin noong huling beses tayong pumuri sa kapwa Pilipino?

—President Benigno S. Aquino on his second State of the Nation Address

One of the most irritating feelings in the world is definitely when you expected something big but it turns out to be zilch. Since this is just a follow up to my previous post, I’ll keep my post short.

First, let’s start with the technicalities. Really now, until the very end I hoped for a very good State of the Nation Address from you, Mister President but no, you truly sunk all my hopes down the moment you started your speech. Your SONA must be changed into SOWA, State of the Wangwang Address. Is that all you can ever use as a figure of speech? It’s definitely exhausting and irritating hearing that word over and over again. According to ABS-CBN News Network, you used it for “about twenty times”. In effect, it made his overall speech boring.

Actually, I find it better for presidents to deliver their speech in Filipino so that it would be more direct and personal to their citizens. However, there is still a need for him to speak it in a more formal way. The way he speaks is so un-presidential. Sometimes, it’s as if he’s just talking like some Tondo boy challenging someone for a fight. He’s too rowdy. There are also times where he stammers, most probably because there are some matters that are difficult to express in the Filipino language. Of course, everyone noticed that he coughed at least thrice in his speech. Yosi break before his SONA, perhaps? Pampawala lang ng nerbios.

Secondly, the bashing still occurred. She-who-must-not-be named was still attacked by him. It’s too tiring hearing it. It’s also too immature for him to go on with his blame game. I find it funny that he wants to end crab mentality yet he is doing that by continuously pulling down the name of the previous administration to highlight himself every single time. Is he the King Crab then?

But, if there’s anything I liked that came about his blaming again the previous administration is his expose on PAGCOR using more than P1 Billion on coffee. This is pedantic and ludicrous. If this is true, PAGCOR has a lot of explaining to do and someone must be penalized regarding this matter.

(By the way, a lot of people are commenting on how uncorrupted this administration is but have they penalized somebody already? Can anyone give me the facts and figures about this?)

Thirdly, it is incomplete. If my memory serves me right, he mentioned about more help extended to house help, which is currently a house bill in the lower house, as well as to soldiers and victims of martial law. He also wants to extend Department of Science and Technology scholarship which he significantly lessened last year. Nevertheless, he is silent on more pertinent and hot topic bills like Freedom of Information Bill, Responsible Parenthood/Reproductive Health Bill or the Divorce Bill. He also did not express anything on the division of his beloved Hacienda Luisita. Nothing is also said about Environment issues and policies which are essential now that the world is experiencing climate change.

There is also no concrete plan especially for the economy. Yes, the stock market is on its all time high. Yes, Gross Domestic Product has fairly good progress. However, he did not mention how the government would intervene with the outrageously rising gas prices and the deadly inflation. We are now purchasing less and less because of that.

I understand that no superhero could ever fix the Philippines in a year but I demand an economic plan in order for us to really move forward. The problem with this administration is we are not going anywhere except drive straight ahead without knowing where to go. As our leader, President Aquino should have planned, presented and ordered us to be equipped on where we must go. Indeed, he delivered a populist speech. But what are theories if we cannot put it onto practice?


I’ll end my post with two things that I truly liked with what he had promised. First, I commend his wisdom for choosing former Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales as the new Ombudsman. She’s an iron lady who is a hard worker and whose integrity cannot be questioned. I’m sure that someone would be penalized with her actions and reforms with the Office of the Ombudsman. Second, I do hope that the Monorail project would be actualized as soon as possible. We need a mass transportation system that would help decongest traffic as soon as possible.


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