Make it Real: 11/11/11 – 11:11

“And if tomorrow, you’re still just a friend, I’ll stay up till 11:11 again.”
-random quote I read somewhere in the Internet

As a Christian, I believe that everything is best achieved by hard work. However, I do not find it wrong in believing in luck. I do not remember when my love for wishing on 11:11 came about. But really, I wait for it if I could. But often times, I’m happiest wishing when I look at my phone watch spontaneously and I see 11:11. Actually, I still do not get it up to now why one must wish on 11:11. Why not 00:00 or 22:22 or 12:34? Probably, deep inside, one is secretly the favorite number of a person. Everyone wants to become number one that’s why we’re so attracted by it. And 11:11’s symmetry made it even more appealing, do you agree? Today is even more special because the date is November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11. This shall only come once in a century, once in our lives.

Anyway, I’ve made up my 11 wishes for this 11/11:

1.)    Be more efficient this semester. My semester ended well but I slacked off a lot last semester. I really wish that I have more focus with my studies. Bar exams may be on November 2014, but I cannot slack off.  I heard that the first Sunday of the first multiple choice bar exam was nerve-wracking. It’s not only tricky but it according to examinees, time was not enough for them to finish it. God bless them.

2.)    Lose weight. Due to lack of exercise from too much reading or doing activities like watching movies, surfing the net and looking endlessly at the ceiling, I gained weight last semester. I’m already overweight but I do not want a pound more to be added unto me. It’s not healthy living like this. This wish is a bit challenging to be granted as Christmas season is around the corner. I wish I could be disciplined by this.

3.)    New clothes and shoes. From pre-school to college, I entered schools where uniform is required. This is a good thing for me because I do not have much clothes to wear. But now that UE College of Law does not prescribe any uniform, it has been a challenge for me on what to wear to school for a year now.  Every item in my closet is either “I just wore that” or “I cannot wear something like that in school”. Crazy, I know.

4.)    Do something for the environment. I want to do something for the environment that would enable me to help in its preservation. If you know any tree planting activity or something, please invite me.

5.)    Let loose. I actually did that last month with my high school friends. We were so crazy in Music 21. It feels so good that I want to do that again. There’s a lot of worry, grief and heartbreak that I want to remove from my heart.

6.)    Do something charitable. I want to help poor children like give gifts this Christmas. I want to put real smiles on their faces.

7.)    Go to Enchanted Kingdom or Star City. And ride the most adrenaline-pumping rides there. I miss how you go so high that you could touch the sky and go crashing down. After finishing all the rides, it makes you more courageous. I need a lot of courage now.

8.)    Travel abroad. April-May 2005 was the first and last time I leave the country. I want to go places and understand culture and humanity more. I’m ready to go. I just renewed my passport. However, I do not have the money to go anywhere. Miracle, please…

9.)    Go to Philippine beaches. When I was in America in 2005, someone commented, “Oh, so you’re from the Philippines! I’ve heard that you had plenty of good beaches there. You must have been though a lot of them.” But no. I actually swam in one beach back in college but it was actually a very ugly beach. There’s nothing there but lots of jelly fish. Ick. I really want to see Boracay or Caramoan. I want to get in touch with nature’s beauty by going to beaches. My heart also melts seeing the sea and sun even in pictures. Please, someone take me to the beach!

10.) Tell him what I feel about him. And not regret it. My heart is crushed, dying and tormented inside. I now learned that not risking anything is also a big hole inside your heart. I’m ready to face him and tell everything. I hope I shall never regret this.

11.) Meet the man of my dreams very, very soon. I’m more than excited to meet him. I want to embrace him, kiss him and be his compliment all the days of our lives. Please, Lord…I’m not really asking for much but to meet the soul mate you had destined for me. I promise to love, care and understand him all the days of my life.

So, 11/11/11 – 11:11, please be kind to me? Please do not forget to grant my wishes. 


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