You have been in Inception World for too long, North Korea.

I think there’s no doubt that if the North were to collapse what the final state would be – it would be unified under the South. The question is, how do you get to that point in a way that doesn’t create all sorts of insecurity spirals and miscalculation. That’s what you want to avoid.

Victor Cha, author of North Korea: The Impossible State.

Who wouldn’t laugh when something you extremely fear about turns out one of the biggest jokes that you would encounter in your life? That’s how we all felt in the Philippines after learning that the much-feared North Korean missile was finally launched—only to have zoomed back to the earth after just one minute.

Filipinos, who are naturally comedic, probably lead the world in tweeting several jests to the failure to launch drama of North Korea. There were myriad greetings of “Happy Friday the 13th, North Korea”. Some mocked that the rocket was probably made in China, the only country which has some influence on North Korea. We all know that there are some quality questions with some Chinese products. Some tweeples commented that the America was probably the real bomb of the day and not North Korea for voting out the Filipina-Mexican Jessica Sanchez out of American Idol. Thank God, she was saved by the judges.

Although it’s a hot topic here in the Philippines for several weeks, I never looked at it as a threat. I mean, they isolated themselves for so long. I do not belittle the intelligence and capability of the people of North Korea but the technology that they may possess now may be sorely inadequate for their big and mean plans of threatening the world that North-Korea-is-a-nuclear-superpower and anyone-who-messes-with-North-Korea-will-suffer-a-painful-nuclear-wrath. Not only that, I saw in CNN their computer monitors are already yellowish. That implies old technology. As I predicted it right, they failed to show the world that they are really a threat but instead became the instant laughingstock of the entire international community.

Actually, one part of me wished that North Korea was somehow successful in their rocket launch as I was hoping that Japan will launch their Votles V or Daimos or Gundam. Okay, okay…I am kidding of course.

Seriously this time, call me radical or what but I’m hoping that this international embarrassment of North Korea shall be an eye opener for their citizens. I want it to be the start of a revolution of a new capitalist North Korea or better yet, the unification of the two Koreas. The people have very little rights. From the time they are born, they are screened if they are fit to live by the state or not. Those born with defects like autism are immediately killed. Communism’s ideal is equality for all but that is also not what is happening in North Korea according to the reports. There is famine yet the high ranking officials are living life in plenty. Some women were even forced to prostitution just to please these officials. Ordinary North Koreans are malnourished yet they were the ones who toil themselves to death for food. I theorized that the reason why the rocket missile faltered is because the rocket itself was also malnourished.

But even if people were extremely hungry in Korea to the point that about 900,000 to 3,500,000 souls succumbed to death on the height of the North Korean Famine from 1994-1998. North Korea up to now is not yet food self-sufficient and relies a lot from external food aid from countries like China, Japan and United States. South Korea may be their bitterest enemy but since South Korea is the country who knows best what is happening inside North Korea, they can’t help but feel sorry for the hungry children and peasants. Hence, ironically, South Korea is one of the biggest sources of North Korea for food aid.

Anyway, did you know it was only early March when North Korea agreed to halt nuclear and missile testing in return for 240,000 metric tons of food assistance from the United States? I think all people who create threats are either immature or in grave need of something very important. They are hungry, alright. Actually, they only launched the long-range satellite orbit after North Koreans were doubtful that the food aid from United States will push through. If you ask me the move of North Korea sounds like a child throwing tantrums on the floor because his mother refused to buy him the toy that he is eyeing for quite a while and threaten to destroy an item on the store when his efforts of getting his mother’s attention fails.

But if you were a North Korean, what would you feel seeing the government have all the money in the research, development and launching of that stupid (and failed) rocket while your rations of food Is not enough?

I understood in one documentary of National Georgraphic entitled, Inside North Korea the blind worship of North Koreans to the Kims. In that episode, a Nepalese ophthalmologist went to North Korea and treated persons with cataracts there pro bono. The doctor, instead of receiving the gratitude of North Koreans he cured, was instead neglected by his patients. They gathered into a room and give thanks to the then leader Kim Jong-Il. Anyone who is watching it shall not see logic on why were the North Korean patients suddenly starts worshipping their ‘dear leader’. Obviously, neither Kim Jong-Il nor his government is responsible that they could see again. Health care in North Korea is also bad. The scene was so funny that I want to cry because of frustration. Physically, their blindness had been cured but mentally and psychologically, they are still sightless. They do not see the abuses and the maltreatment they suffering under the communism. I believe that the Kims are like the gods for them and if they are suffering then it’s their entire fault because they had not served their ‘dear leaders’ appropriately. But the Kims differ from God as God would never use the people for His own or some benefit alone; God gives man freewill which is almost inexistent in North Korea as all civilian actions were controlled by the government; God teaches the people to love Him while the Kims controls everyone by fear. When one is in a state of great fear, one creates images of wellness in his head. Mind is very powerful that one may be confused between fantasy and reality. Perhaps the North Koreans are still living in that fantasy. Probably the Kims placed an inception in them that they perceive their country as perfect with the best education, healthcare and economy in the world. Perhaps the North Koreans are sleepwalking on this earth, unaware of the exploitations happening within them.

But who knows, they might wake up soon enough.

Korean March. As a teenager, I was amazed when I saw the North Korean army on TV. The way they march is so perfect, it scares me. The moves were so mechanical, they are almost like robots. I can’t wait to see the day when North Koreans move like real human beings again.

6 thoughts on “You have been in Inception World for too long, North Korea.

    1. Yes, but during Hitler’s time, Germans live in plenty, no one is hungry. It was just when the Axis Powers were losing in WWII where the Germans began their suffering. But it’s different with North Korea. Ever since the Cold War, it’s people are already very hungry. Hence, the Germans precision was mainly because they march and show the world with pride that they are the best army in the world (and anyone who’d messed up with them is a dead meat) but in NoKor’s case, they march the same way not because of pride, but of fear. One single mistake and they may not eat for a week if their lucky or cause their lives if they are unlucky. 😐

  1. I really liked reading your thoughts on this. I also watched “Inside North Korea” when I lived in the USA. But now that I live in South Korea, I view that documentary differently. I am so happy to have met so many amazing Koreans and had the chance to learn more about their culture. It seems to me that Koreans have a very long history of individualism and a natural distrust of authority. They are also very good at acting in a certain way if need be if it will help them and their family survive. So, I think that those people on the documentary were under a lot of pressure to act a certain way so they were exaggerating. I don’t believe that all of that emotion for Kim is actually heart-felt. They are just doing it to survive. I think they are all more “awake” then we give them credit for. Thanks for your blog post- I liked it! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your reply greatly. :). Now that I think of it, the reason why North Korea easily taken aside their food assistance need from the US is they fact that they could use food more in order to control their citizens. It’s like showing that the less they work, the less food they receive. In effect, a North Korean may feel hungrier now compared before and the government can easily make him believe that it is his fault for not working hard enough. I feel sorry for them. 😦

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