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Some Things are Meant to Be

Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you.

—Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. The Theme Song of my Parent’s Wedding

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last July 11, 2012. People who are fairly close to me knows that my parents married relatively late in their lives. When they got married, my father was 37 years old and my mother was 32 years old. No, they were not actually long-time boyfriend and girlfriend. Their love story could be compressed in just one year. They met on May 1986 and a month after, they are on the boyfriend-girlfriend stage. One month after that, my father proposed to my mother already but she asked her to give her a year.

Actually, they got married on May 2 or 3 of 1986 in the Regional Trial Court. Why were they unsure with the date? It’s because according to them “nothing happened” that day. They just went to the Court, their marriage solemnized by a judge, signed papers and ate halo-halo afterwards and went to their respective homes. My father told me that they swear that they did not have any pre-marital sex until they got married under the grace of God. See, I have the most old school parents in the world which makes them even more precious than all the gems in the world. Anyway, the best thing about their marriage is that about two years since they first saw each other, I was born and completed their dream. Yes, I claim that. Having my sister and brother born after me were just extra blessings in their life.

I really do not understand what made them drawn with each other. They hardly have anything in common. My father is a big sports fan; my mother, like me, despises all the sports created in the world. My father, like me, sucks big time in Mathematics; my mother is great in it and is actually a certified public accountant. My father likes reading the news and opinion part of the newspaper; my mother mostly cares on the entertainment page. Basically, their interests in life could hardly strike any conversation between them. However, love doesn’t work on similarities alone.

25 Years Ago: The Wedding of the “Old” Couple

While we are living in a world where everybody is crazy about the story of first loves and teenage romance, we are forgetting the beauty of mature love.  They may have married late but there are no regrets on their part. My father even commented once that it was all good meeting my mother on the part of his life when he learned patience. My mother could really be stubborn at times. He said that if he met her earlier in his life, they would probably be fighting all the time because he could not have tolerated her. For being married late in life, they did everything they wanted during their single life. Both of them became working students in achieving their post-graduate degrees. Both of them travelled to places and established good career. That is the reason they were pretty much prepared to embrace family life when they got married. They understood sacrifice, saving up for their family’s future and understanding each other oddities and shortcomings. Speaking of saving, do you know that they usually buy items for themselves only if those items are on sale especially my dad? Also, they occasionally watch movies or concerts together but they only watch it buying the cheapest tickets. Yup, they never stepped beyond the General Admissions arc in Smart Araneta Coliseum if only the two of them were watching a show. And that is to think that they earn their own money and have savings of their own. It’s kind of happy and sad knowing that fact. They really put aside money for our education and needs that sometimes they forget themselves. For now, I swear that I’d really return their kindness once I start working as a lawyer on 2015.

This July 11, they were just blessed with the priest in FEU Hospital before the mass ended. No, they do not want to renew their vows yet because my siblings and I were still studying and they do not want additional expenses but they planned on renewing it probably on their 30th year. We had a lovely meal in City Buffet in SM Fairview afterwards. It was a very simple day having some relatives and the priest and his companions eating, laughing and reminiscing about how blissful and blessed those silver years of love and companionship. It was a simple day but I kept it in my heart. If having a married life is the vocation that God will put me in the future, I would probably celebrate it as simply as they did that day because it is lighter yet more heartfelt. That afternoon, I actually saw that glow of happiness between them as they look at each other occasionally amidst our meal. It was purely magic.

So that is the love story of my parents. There is no story in it about childhood first love, or one getting into amnesia but still had fallen again to another, or there is no choosing between life and death situation, or neither it is a Romeo and Juliet scenarios where their entire family and people are against each other. Their story could be summed up in one sentence that my father uttered before we prayed the rosary during the night before their anniversary day, “The twenty-five years happened so fast.” Albert Einstein once explained to humanity that time is relative. When one is having a great time, time really does seem to go really fast. And of course, we now know what it all means in my parents’ love story.

After 25 Years: Still very much in love and very much handsome and beautiful.

“Take my hand, take my whole life, too. For I can’t help falling in love with you…


May God always bless and keep them for the happy decades to come in our lives.

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