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The Crossroad of Imagination and Reality: Ruby Sparks Review

This is the true and impossible story of my very great love: Ruby Sparks. You may see this and think it’s magic. But falling in love, is an act of magic.

—-Calvin Weir-Fields from the film, Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks. When fiction meets reality.

At age twenty-four, I figured out one bad thing: nothing seems to make you really enthusiastic anymore. It seems that you have heard, read or seen every story whether fictional or not.  It’s probably the worst part of growing up when everything you perceive with your senses is something hackneyed to you. That state of ennui is inevitable and perhaps one of the unwritten burdens God gave to mankind when He banished us from paradise with the original sin. Life was suddenly tedious and uninspiring. For months, I’ve felt that. But thank God for Ruby Sparks!

The story was about a famous writer, Calvin, who had a very bad case of writer’s block. Aside from his brother, Harry, who hangs with him every other day or so, he is also friendless. His day usually starts with walking his dog, Scotty, and ends up with practically nothing to do. He asked for help from his therapist, Dr. Rosenthal, who gave him an assignment to write at least a page about a person who would probably like his dog, Scotty. That night, he dreamt of a woman who he met because of Scotty. The next thing in the morning, he was sitting in front of his typewriter, writing everything about her. He named him Ruby Sparks. Suddenly, his day would go on with half of it dreaming about Ruby and the waking up writing everything about their conversations, the things they do together, her smile, and her laughter—everything about her. He made her a painter, probably so their love for art would collide beautifully.  Soon, he confessed to his brother that he thinks he is in love with the character he created in his mind.

Of course, even Calvin thinks that he is crazy falling in love with the character he created. But one day, he woke up seeing the Ruby he created whipping something for him in his kitchen. He ran away from her, believing that he is just an image from his mind. Later, he found out that she truly exists in this world. Although she is a manifestation of his mind, she is living and breathing among us. Nonetheless, Calvin discovered that being a character he created, he could easily modify everything about her by writing attributes about her. For example, he could make her a fluent French speaker just by typing those words in his typewriter. Their days were filled with pleasure and love at first but although she could easily be controlled by Calvin, Ruby is also a real person who could get upset and bored. She eventually asked for space and this act of hers brought too many complications on their relationship. He made her really missing him, and she turned out to be very needy and dependent to him but she wasn’t happy. He wrote that Ruby is effervescently happy but it seems she only acted with forced joy. Near the end of the film, he revealed to Ruby that he could control her in his own will because he only wrote about her and demonstrated it to her. But whatever he made her do, he saw nothing but anger, disgust and revulsion in her eyes. After he stopped typing, the very tired Ruby went out of the room. Disappointed with what happened between them, he typed that he is finally setting him free.

I will no longer spoil you anymore with what happened with the story in the end and everything that happened in between. I would really recommend this film to everyone because it is creative, rich, innovative and a beautiful love story. It is not light-hearted but it is profound as it is depicting the complexities of men’s desire, possessiveness, self-loath and affection.  If it teaches us something, it is to let go the people who means a lot to us and to understand that when we love somebody, we love them because they are who they are and not because of the person we expect them to be. They can’t be subordinate to us nor be controlled by us. By controlling them and we hinder their growth and their freedom and without freedom, one cannot be truly happy.

“In the luckiest, happiest state the words come through you, not from you. She came to me wholly herself, I was just lucky enough to be there to catch her.” —Calvin Weir-Fields

I tell you now, you MUST see this movie. It was well-acted by real-life couple, Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan. Zoe Kazan is extra amazing because she didn’t only act poignantly in this film; she even WROTE it, so consummately and intelligently wrote it. The cinematography is breath-taking. The overall impression for me is I am watching an enthralling poetry in the big screen. This is the type of film that would leave that lingering feeling for quite some time and the best part is inspire you to write your own story.

What are you going to write today? Take some precaution because who knows when they will walk in to your real life.