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Beyond the Gay Archetype: A Review on My Husband’s Lover

There are so many types of loving in the world. The unconditional. The vengeful. The remorseful. The unrequited. But what everyone is talking about now is the most controversial one—the gay love.

If you are living in the Philippines, surely you have heard about the much-talked about drama of GMA 7, My Husband’s Lover. It is the first television soap from the Philippines which explores homosexual love. And it is not just any homosexual love but a homosexual love entangled as an extramarital affair. Homosexuality is taboo in our country mostly because of the strong influence of religion (both Christianity and Islam) in society. Anyway, this is the summary of the story. Lally (Carla Abellana), a poor but determined college girl, was impregnated with her boyfriend, Vincent (Tom Rodriguez). Vincent promised to marry her which she agrees. After all, Vincent is the kindest man ever and not to mention his good looks and money. Unknown to her, Vincent is actually a gay man who is still in love with his ex-boyfriend, Eric (Dennis Trillo), who eventually returned to his life after his marriage with Lally. Eventually, they secretly became a couple again. Ten years later, Lally suddenly had that powerful, women-only, sixth sense that her husband is actually cheating on her. And last night, on the show’s 24th episode, she confirmed it. She caught her husband making out with his “friend” Eric in the latter’s condo.

So what now? I was a bit shocked that Lally discovered Vincent’s skeleton in Eric’s closet only at the 24th episode. I thought that the writers will prolong this hide-and-seek game of Lally, Vincent and Eric to prolong the show. I mean that’s how ABS CBN murdered, I mean tactically present, their noon drama, “Be Careful With My Heart”. Will the drama focus now on WWLD or “What Will Lally Do?” Will she keep her husband’s secret for the sake of their marriage and their children as well as her pride because in a way, she is boasting to everyone that she is “very lucky” to have a husband like Eric? Then again, will she choose separation from him? Assuming she will separate from him, will this start the happily ever after of Vincent and Eric? Or will the drama intensify by adding some more shocking twists like an “agreement” between Lally and Eric that they will “share” Vincent?

Well, there are many more struggles that a closeted gay man that could be answered in the show. For example, how will Eric make the people near to him understand his homosexuality most especially his retired military man dad? And how can a middle-aged man with children who acts like a perfect husband and father “come out” suddenly? What could happen with his marriage to a woman who thought he was straight all along? (The Philippines is devoid of divorce laws. However, this type of marriage is annullable under the Philippine law, by the way.)

Kudos to GMA 7 for coming up with this drama. It is refreshing because it is novel and very well-written and beautifully acted by the cast. I mean come on; we are getting tired with the haciendas, the children separated from their parents for years, the rich man and poor woman love story, the poor and ugly women who gets plastic surgery in the end anyway, the recycled fantaserye and the like. Also, the timing of this is impeccable. I believe that this was even talked about more when weeks after this launch, twin victories were obtained by American LGBT community. This again sparks the talks on the possibility of having homosexual marriage between Filipinos.

I just want to say that hands down to the acting prowess of Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez. I can’t choose who the better actor between them is. Both are deserving of an award. You are also going to love the chemistry between their characters that drives the viewers wild. I used to hate Carla Abellana’s acting especially when she started in Rosalinda where she gave a stony version in of Mexican actress Thalia’s beloved character. She greatly improved from there and she could act with her eyes at times. But I must point out that the weakness of the drama is probably Lally’s over-narrating the scenes sometimes. I hate how she states the obvious. Nonetheless, this was gradually lessened. Also, you got to love the side characters, too. I particularly love Sol (Chandra Romero), Eric’s supportive yet logical mother. She loves and accepts her son into bits. However, she cannot accept his relationship with a married man. Other notable characters are Danny (Kevin Santos), Eric’s best friend who often provide comic relief, and David (Victor Basa), who is Vincent’s ex-boyfriend who loves him still. By the way, it is interesting to take note that Vincent, Eric, Danny and David do not play your archetypical gays who are flamboyant, cross-dressers, speaking in bekimon, Madonna fans and salon people. They all act and dress like straight men. They play basketball. Heck, Vincent is even a mechanical engineer. All of them are good looking and you could practically hear women sigh every night saying, “kung bading talaga ito, SAYANG!” I believe this step of GMA in making them as such is a huge step for society to view homosexuals in another light. I love how this show depicted homosexuals in a more realistic fashion.

The main problem of GMA in this drama is how they will conclude this. Usually, with forbidden love such as this, the protagonist and/or his lover will die and it will be hinted that their love will continue in afterlife. I guess this is not a good conclusion as a lot of people here still believe homosexuality is actually a sin. Another possible ending is that Vincent and Eric will break up for good and Vincent will “man up” for the sake of Lally and their children. This is another weak conclusion because if they do this, I could imagine a lot of loyal viewers about to smash their televisions or yanking their hair off because of annoyance. What’s the point in watching the whole thing for several months late at night if everything would return to the status quo? Well, maybe they will break up and Eric will probably end up happy with another gay man who will accept him for who he is (like Danny or David, perhaps?). Then again, it would still be very bland. I believe the people are more interested in seeing the conclusion of Vincent’s character because he is closeted rather than the free character of Eric. Lastly, maybe Lally will let go for her love for Vincent and Vincent and Eric will spend the rest of their lives together. Now this is the conclusion that could spell out a difference for everyone. But if the writers of GMA choose this path, I could imagine protests from everyone, especially the religious groups. Many will misinterpret this as encouraging homosexual relationships. Then again bad publicity is still publicity.

Then again, like everyone else and CBCP, I will just wait and see.

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My Husband’s Lover: Who Will Win in the End?

My Reply to Ate Wendy (and to the World)

yes, your intuition is telling you something. i’m glad you listened and took action. 

i know i get those too. i think that’s also my reasons for doing yoga, it helps for me. having period sucks and mine’s irregular so i don’t know when it’s coming. and eating proper nutritional diet helps too and of course less stress.

i’m happy to see that you have your 13 units to graduate. before you know it, it is time for graduation. just keep doing what you are doing. you are doing great! 

yes, christmas in the philippines is wonderful. i know your aunt and uncle will have a fabulous time. how i wish to be there especially during the holidays. sigh…

well maybe sometime in the future you can get enrolled in a gym. are there other ones that are cheaper? in my case, i always look for better deals or no cost at all to register. i’ve learned where and how to budget income/expenses and make it work somehow. meditation practice, i volunteer. yoga and tango, they go by donations but i give what feels true to my heart when i give and i also see the benefit and importance to the practice.

food, that’s where i invest the most. it is a difficult process and i try and educate myself on all different kind of foods out there and what works with my body. so far i am having fun experimenting and trying out new and different kind of vegan/raw/vegetarian recipes out there. i am beginning to like making breakfast food and desserts. wow, so yummy and healthy ones too. i can’t resist desserts. must have sweets. aw.. thank you! you are too kind. i think my main intention/ingredients to my sorcery is i try new things and keep doing that makes me happy and and to have appreciation & gratitude on the little things in life! 

alrighty! it’s a gloomy day out here for a summertime in san francisco. but i’ll make the most out of it. i hope you have a good day and talk to you soon! how is the weather out there right now?



Hi, Ate Wendy!

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been busy lately because of school and helping my family finding a new home. Last Friday, Daddy finally retired from work and now he has all the time in the world to find a new home for us. I am with him on his quest during my free time. It isn’t easy finding a new home and we have tight budget, too. All of us are still studying and sending my sister to medical school cost more than we estimated. But I’m happy that she’s doing her best despite the fact that she is now losing her mind with homeworks and quizzes given to them almost every day.

In the meantime, pray that God shall not send extraordinary rains in the Philippines. The reason why we are looking for a new home is because whenever the dam near our place overflows, it submerges our home. It happened to us twice. Once in 2009 because of the typhoon Ondoy. The flood was so deep that almost half of our second floor was submerged in flood. Almost everything was broken in our house including a lot of irreplaceable things like our parents’ wedding videos and pictures of us growing up. Anyway, we hoped for the best and decided to stay here. However last year, a very strong rain flooded our house again. It wasn’t as bad as the first one, however, it did submerged our first floor and damaged things there. But nobody really have the time to search for a new house then. Also, part of us didn’t really like to go. We love Fairview. The air is cleaner here compared to the rest of Metro Manila. People are nicer. Also we live near our cousins’ house. It is also near Le-Anne’s med school. I also don’t want Daddy to waste all his retirement money for us. I mean, that guy started working ever since he was 13. Throughout college, we was a working student. He even managed to send Uncle Ding to medical school. Lastly, he retired without any of his children helping him with some expenses in the house because all chose long courses in college. I somehow feel guilty about that.

Anyway, I bought a DVD on basic yoga yesterday. I’ll check it out next week perhaps. I hope I could like it. Maybe after I take the bar, I could resume gym. I don’t want to ask for any more additional expenses from my family. Nonetheless, ever since I resumed school, I decided to count calories of what I am eating. I shed few pounds ever since I did that with some Zumba. I really want to lose some weight so I will look better in my graduation photos. Hahaha! And also, truthfully, I gained about 30 lbs in law school. Can you believe that?! Well, I’m trying to lose weight for health reasons, too. I mean, I do not have any disease that developed yet because of my being overweight—yet….but why on earth should I wait for something bad to happen to me before I take action? There are people who have the same age as me and are thinner than me but they are now suffering hypertension, diabetes and gout! So there, I’m now limiting the food but at the same time I give some treats to myself. I also love sweets so I eat some dark chocolates occasionally and only with one serving’s worth of it. I know this sacrifice will bloom to my betterment.

It’s a surprisingly sunny afternoon in Quezon City now. I hope it will be like this all this rainy season. Then again, with some rain. I love the rain…but not too much. You know what I mean.  🙂

See you soon I hope. Who knows, you might come to the Philippines really soon.